Our Farm Friends

Stop in and visit with our farm animals. Chickens, bunnies, and goats!

Do you want to see where your eggs come from? Meet the hens that bring you those fresh brown and white eggs.

Come and say hi to our bunnies, they love company. We have 5 male bunnies and a female, all born this year! 








Meet our adventurous goats. Three brothers Hunter, Alvin, and Ranger born on March 14th 2014. They are boys so they do not provide us with milk, but they are definitely a lot of fun!

The brothers were born to “Caddy” of Hawk Haven Farm in Stockton, New Jersey and their sire  “Rain.”

When they were babies at Hawk Haven Farm Alvin, Hunter, and Ranger.

Can’t believe they were so small. It would be nearly impossible to take a picture of all three together now.

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